Photoshoot: Dodge Ram Pickup

We had the awesome opportunity to shoot with one of our good friends who owns a Dodge Ram Pickup. They wanted to get some cool pictures of their truck for their office at work. A lot of our clients are truck and car enthusiasts and really appreciate having their vehicles shot.

We took some pictures like the way we describe them in our one post, about how to shoot vehicles a lot better.

Here is how one of them turned out.

Ram Photoshoot

The great thing about this Ram is that it had some amazing aftermarket body parts. It had the painted OEM ram fender flares, it also got the silver and black running boards which make it a lot more aggressive.

This shoot turned out very well, and we got some awesome shots of it.

We shot it closer to sundown to get a more dramatic feel in the horizon. We also had to drive out to the country to get a more suitable environment to shoot in. The composition in this picture is spot on I think and gives the truck a very nice and appealing look with its stance.

Nailing your photo composition can be hard at first if you haven’t shot vehicles before, it’s hard to get a feel for what looks nice and what looks good. Check this post out here, for some tips on ways to improve your photo composition.

Overall the shoot was a success and the client was happy. We got a couple of rolling shots that are printed and are ready to be mounted on his wall. Its always good to see your work being shown off and being enjoyed.